There are many attic remodeling plans and ideas out there so you can find ideas on remodeling your attic. The problem is, however, that too many people think too much about the attic décor and not about structural or design issues. It’s important to think of all three things before going ahead with your project.
In the beginning, you need to assess your design and structural aspects in the remodeling plan of your attic. It’s important to assess whether or not your house will be supportive of any added weight in your attic project when it is complete. You may need to consider adding more support to accommodate your plans. Things like heavy bookshelves or a bathroom add considerable weight and this needs to be considered in your plans. You’ll need to figure out how you’re going to incorporate your added support. It helps to consider employing an architect who can help you determine what you need to do. A contractor or certified home designer can help you as well.
Another important problem to be solved is the method with which you will provide access to the attic after it is remodeled. Most attics are not created for permanent access to the rest of the home and you will need to find a way to create a permanent and easy way to get into your new living space. Emergency egress is important as well; this will impact design and structure of the attic. There will likely be changes that need to be made to the lower levels to accommodate changes in access to the attic. Speak to a contractor or architect to determine the most cost effective way to do this. All of these decisions will impact the décor of the living space and that of the floor below. Think about what kind of stairway you’ll put in and whether or not there will be a landing. How about a spiral stairway?
Another factor to consider is how you will light up the new living space. Can you put in windows? Is there a space for dormers with windows or skylights? Can any windows be used for emergency egress?
After you have made your decisions regarding design, you need to think about the use of the new living space. What kind of space do you need? Will it be a bedroom or a new bath? How about an office or a new den? The space can be used as a children’s playroom.  You may, in fact, consider dividing the attic into more than one room.
When you have made these last decisions, consider the actual design of the space—the closet placement, the placement of storage spaces and the décor. Remember that if the roof is pitched, there will be areas that are lower and areas that are higher along the walls. The lower areas may not be able to be functional as living space.
You can find ideas for attic remodeling in remodeling magazines and in books. Check out model homes to see how they’ve done it. Take a look at new construction sites to watch builders and see how they use their attic space. You can see how the rooms are designed and how they are accessed. There is also internet information available. Do a search for “attic remodeling ideas” and you will be sent to any one of several sites. Take a look at and
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