There are many reasons to add room additions to a house, among them are more space, accommodate changing needs of a family – this could be adding rooms to support new additions or to support someone with special needs or maybe as an investment. Regardless of the reason it is important to consider the many, many design and construction options relative to your needs very carefully. If you are adding a bathroom and or a bedroom to accommodate additions to your household, there are several important decisions to make first. One of the most important is if there is a home you could move to that already has the space you need. Selling your home and moving certainly is not free and could even cost more in the long run then a room addition to your house, but it could be the right choice. The price of the home with the added space may be less than your home’s current value plus the cost of the remodel. Talk to a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about your options. When you design your addition consider BAPA: Bathroom, Access, Privacy, Adaptability. With an added bedroom you may find out you do not have sufficient bathrooms for everyone’s comfort. Or there is no bathroom close to where you want to add the bedroom, which can be a big

inconvenience. Access and Privacy go hand in hand. While you want ease of access – a bedroom right off the kitchen won’t offer much privacy. So as you go through the design options, really consider both Privacy and Access to ensure that the room is both easy to access and offers appropriate privacy. Finally, and probably my favorite, is Adaptability. If you consider other potential uses for the bedroom and include them in the design from the start, you will have a room that can meet your current needs and future ones as well. A few examples are: wheelchair accessibility – while you may not need to enter and exit the room in a wheelchair now, you or the next owner of the home may and if you can accommodate that need by careful planning now, it is a big bonus. You may be building the room for a young child or as a craft room, but with a few changes could you also make it serve as an in-law suite? An in-law suite is a great addition to any home, because it can accommodate family members that want additional privacy, as well as potentially a rental unit that can generate income.

We offer free cost calculators that could help you make your plans.  The first is a calculator to determine if it would be better to add on or to move: Remodel or Move Calculator. Then we also have calculators to help you get an estimate of the cost to add on or to remodel. Click here to see these calculators.