If you are planning a bathroom remodel, part of your planning will be to get a cost estimate for the project. To get a reliable estimate, you will need some basic information  about the project.  The closer you are to starting the project, the more detailed the information can be and the more accurate the quote will be.

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The first way to get a rough estimate is to use a cost-per-square-foot average for your region.  You can get this information from your local planning office or building codes and inspections office. You can also get this information from a local contractor. With this type of estimate, you will need to measure your bathroom and calculate the square footage (length x width). Then just multiply the square footage (area) by the average cost-per-square-foot to come up with the project estimate.

Using cost-per-square-foot average can be misleading, though, when planning a remodel for a bathroom or a kitchen. These rooms are more costly to remodel because of the added cost of plumbing and electrical work, as well as the plumbing fixtures, etc.

A very quick, easy, and reliable way to get a bathroom remodel estimate is to use the free cost calculators on this site. They are programmed to provide cost estimates for your specific region. They also, unlike most other calculators, take into account the amount of work you plan to do on the project and the level of quality and complexity involved.  If you want to check out our cost calculator for bathroom remodeling, click here, for a bathroom addition, click here.

Whether you call your local government, call a contractor, or use our cost calculators, there is some basic information needed to get a reliable and accurate remodel estimate:

  • The current value of your home
  • Who will design the remodel? An architect? A bathroom designer? A home designer? You?
  • Who will prepare the design drawings and apply for the appropriate permits? You? Someone you hire?
  • Who will manage the project? A full-service contractor? You?
  • How much of the work do you plan to do yourself? Demolition? Electrical? Framing? Plumbing? Flooring? Paint/Wallpaper? None?
  • What level of quality do you want in the finished job? Economy/lower cost fixtures? Average cost fixtures? Custom or expensive fixtures and work?
  • How many bathrooms will be remodeled?
  • Square footage of the existing bathroom?
  • Will you enlarge the existing bathroom?
  • Will you replace plumbing fixtures?
  • Will you move plumbing fixtures?

With this information you should be able to rely on the accuracy of the preliminary estimate you get from a contractor or from our cost calculators. This preliminary estimate will enable you to plan and budget for your project with confidence.  If you would like some assistance planning your bathroom remodel, check out our Bathroom Remodeling Workbook by clicking here.