By Dan Fritschen

master bedroom cost to remodel bedroom cost estimate

Photo by Steve Bennett

If you want to increase your living space there are options you may want to consider. Do you remodel or transform the attic into living space? There are other options such as using the garage or basement, or making additions to your existing home.

The decision to add living space should come with consideration to the available space, how to access the new living space and costs for remodeling or adding space.

In considering the cost of the additional space, you should not incur as many charges if you are transforming an existing structure, such as an attic, basement or garage, into living space. These spaces already contain the necessary features such as ceiling, roofing, walls, and flooring.

When contemplating additional living space you should also consider which of these additions would give you a return on your money should you sell your home. Can you transform a space in your home for living space for a low cost and at the same time increase the value of your home?  Get an instant estimate of the cost to finish your attic and add a bedroom – click here.

Is it reasonable to consider adding a bathroom to your new living space? Yes, and it will increase the value of your home. However the cost you may incur during the addition must be reasonable and give you a good return on your money.

If you are thinking of doing the work yourself, ask yourself a few pertinent questions. Are you experienced enough to build a new addition or just transform an already existing structure? Do you know enough about wiring and plumbing to complete the project without the help of a plumber or electrician?

Will you need additional heating and cooling systems? In other words, is the space you are transforming or building going to stress your current heating and cooling system?

The purpose of the additional living space is also important. Will you use it as a bedroom, home office, family room or dining room? The purpose of the extra space will determine the type of lighting, plumbing, closet space, flooring, and other important aspects of remodeling and adding additional space.

By considering all of this before transforming a usable space, you will be able to decide whether to transform the space or build new space in your existing home.