If the decision between size and open space in a kitchen and commercial grade appliances is made with a view to your own family, you should choose the alternative that makes the most sense for you and for your family.

If it is important to have the space for family activities in the kitchen, this is probably your best option. If you are a chef or a gourmet cook, you would probably choose the appliances over the space. You should also think about the future of your family when you remodel.

If you want the professional kitchen, but you don’t need it right now, and you do need the space, build for the space and replace appliances later.

If you are considering the question with a view to putting your home on the market, you might want to ask a real estate agent in your town. Preferences vary, and you should take that into consideration. You might also onsider that as nice as they might look, professional kitchens can be overwhelming for those who really don’t know how to make good use of them.