Some people will undoubtedly prefer high-end appliances over a dining area in a kitchen. But some will also prefer the dining area over the high-end appliances. That being said, there has been a clear desire for a kitchen to become the center of family life in the home. This is apparent in choices people make both about the homes they purchase and about the way they remodel.

Many families want an informal family dining area. This is the reason a number of homes are being designed without a dining room. It also explains the move toward building kitchens with a “breakfast nook”, or an informal dining area, even if the dining area is only a counter. Many kitchen designs incorporate both.

Every homeowner does not need or even want high-end appliances, particularly professional grade appliances. Some families are content to use a counter area for informal dining and use a “breakfast room” extension in the kitchen for a cozy den or family room attached to the kitchen.

From a cost point of view, it would probably cost a buyer far less to upgrade the appliances than to enlarge the kitchen.

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