The kitchen has long been viewed as the warm center of family life. But two recent trends, the move toward high-end, luxury appliances and the trend toward appliances that are integrated into the design of the kitchen, are making kitchens the showplace of many new and remodeled homes. This leaves homeowners asking, “Is it really possible to hide kitchen appliances?”

For many years it was simply impossible to hide kitchen appliances. In recent years, however, appliance designers have been making appliances with changeable front panels to match the cabinetry in the kitchen. Further, these appliances are becoming more affordable.
As the trend toward fully-integrated appliances continues to grow, manufacturers will undoubtedly respond with more designs and with custom designs that are more affordable. Custom cabinets are already being used to conceal ventilation hoods and more.
A number of kitchens are being built with specialized cabinets for small appliances, as well. For example, a drop door on the front of a cabinet might provide adequate work space and ventilation for a coffee station. Other cabinets might be made with sliding shelves so that appliances can be pulled out to use. When not in use, these cabinets enclose the appliances, hiding them from view, and creating an exterior appearance that is part of the cabinetry of the room.
The first decision a homeowner must make about hiding kitchen appliances is whether they want to hide all appliances. In some cases, the appliance is treated as focal point for the room.  If you are planning to invest in professional-quality appliances, you may not want to hide them. This, after all, is a significant expense and you may want to show them off.
It is, of course, possible to conceal some appliances, leaving others visible. For example, if you are investing in a professional six-burner cook top, you might not want to hide it. If you have decided to use copper or another metal as part of your design, you might want to install appliances fronted with that metal. You might want to conceal only the small appliances with customized cabinets.
As you design your new kitchen, you should know that it really is possible to hide kitchen appliances. Whether you want to hide all or just some of your appliances, you will be able to accomplish your goals. But you might want to balance this trend with a little attention to the other important trend in kitchen design – showing off your high-end professional appliances.