You’re reading the Sunday paper, looking at ads, prices of homes are going down and you think to yourself…move or remodel? You are looking at your kitchen and you realize the cabinets need refinishing and the countertops are cracking and dull. You take it a step further and walk down to your basement and pass out. Why not make your current home, your dream home. Homes are not selling and current values are down. The key concept is to remodel one room of your home at a time. This may take years, but your home would be on the market the same amount of years it would take you to remodel. Many people think that moving across town or into a larger home would fulfill their dreams. Look at your home and asses what you would need to do to make your home more attractive to your needs. Stay within your budget and remodel at a pace that suits you. Design each room with your tastes and ideas. Keep in mind what would make you feel most comfortable. Make each space in your home your dream room.

First, look at each room and decide what it needs. Take two rooms that your family spends a majority of their time to tackle at the beginning. For example, the kitchen and the family room/media room are usually used the most in homes. The kitchen is the place where you spend most of your time. The most important step is to begin with the appliances. Ask yourself if you want white on white, black on black or stainless steel. Do you want Maytag vs. Sub Zero, Viking vs. GE Profile? This should depend on your budget. Next, on the list are cabinets. Everyone loves new homes with new cabinets. In order to save a little money, you can re-surface your cabinets and put the money you saved on purchasing new cabinets into more expansive looking countertops. Is your kitchen going to be for show or will it be practical because you love to cook and entertain. That is for you to decide. These choices can be reasonable or very expensive.   You can get an instant online estimate of the cost to remodel at

The family room is where everyone watches television, eats, falls asleep, and overall entertains. This is a room that has to be comfortable and not stuffy. When you walk into the family room, you want to feel like you can sit down and enjoy yourself no matter what the occasion. So what do you think would be the two most important things you look for when you re-design this room instead of moving? Would it be a television and a couch? You want a television that catches someone’s eye when they walk into the room and that is functional for the family. The couch or theatre chairs should be welcoming and inviting. Leather is great for clean up, but if you go with fabric don’t forget to have it Scotch Guarded. Again, your decisions could be reasonable or expensive.

My thoughts are basic in nature and clear. Be open to staying in your home and not just moving for rash decisions. You lived in your home to create your dreams and you have the base. Create the dream home you have always wanted in your current home. Remember it is the personal touch that makes a house a home.