In the final analysis, only you can make this decision on the basis of your total financial picture and the needs of your family.

The first question you need to ask is whether the remodel makes that much difference to your family’s comfort and lifestyle.

The second question is to ask how much the remodel enhanced the livability and attractiveness of your home.

— Did your remodel make your home more consistent with the other homes surrounding it?

— Did your remodel make the home more energy-efficient (and result in savings every month in electric bills)?

— Did you modernize your bathrooms or kitchen?

— Did you add precious living space.

Finally, you might ask if the remodel increased the value of your home.

Unless your remodel resulted in something very strange, you should be able to expect that your remodel increased the value of your home by 60% – 125% of the cost of the remodel. The amount of cost you can expect to recover in added home value depends on where you live and what room(s) you remodeled.