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Remodeled Kitchen – Ready for Company!

Step # 11 in the Kitchen Remodel Planner (get your own free Kitchen Remodel Planner – click here)


A lot of times remodeling doesn’t make a lot of sense- economically or emotionally. Can you survive the turmoil? The stress? The mess? How about others in your home? And don’t forget your pets! So you need to make a basic decision; is remodeling for you and a good fit for your lifestyle?

Remodeling the kitchen is the most popular remodeling project and it happens to be the most disruptive to your everyday life!

To decide if remodeling is right for you use the Should you Remodel calculator to get an instant answer then consider carefully these items:

  • The true cost of your kitchen remodel – what you will pay the contractor minus what you home will appreciate because of the remodel
  • Will remodeling really give you what you want
  • Can you handle the stress and mess for 9 months?
  • Can your family handle the stress and mess?
  • Have you considered moving?