Hiding unsightly bathroom pipes can be a challenge, especially in a smaller bathroom space where you can’t fit cupboards, a vanity or any other extra fixtures and fittings.

Exposed bathroom sink pipes can be unattractive. Some of the need for exposed pipes can be eliminated by choosing a sink style that is wall mounted or positioned behind a pedestal. One way to disguise them might be to add a towel rod that hangs from the bottom of the sink. Another approach, if you cannot hide the pipes, is to choose faucets and fittings, even pipes, in high-end designs and finishes to make them part of the design of the bathroom.

There are some style of pedestal sinks that fit the pedestal around the pipes to hide them. This can be a very good choice, especially in a small bathroom.

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Frequently asked questions:

Question: There is a pipe showing under my vanity how can i hide it?