Remodeling will certainly involve some mess and probably some inconvenience.  With

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Photo by H Gruber

careful planning and preparation, however, the mess and disruption can be confined to the work area.

The first step will be to plan for access to the area.  Best is if access to the work area is only from the outside of your home or through the garage.  This will go a long way to controlling the dust.

Next, seal off the work are from the rest of the house. Ensure good seals to keep out dust, dirt and odors. Dont forget to tape off the ventilation ducts as well.  Add a disposable furnace air filter to each door way and duct that you seal so that air can move from one part of your home to other.  This is important otherwise you can have positive or negative pressure in one part of your home that will pull or push the dust in!  The filters prevent the difference in pressure and therefore much of the movement of dust.  Plus these filters only cost $3 or so a piece so a good investment to keep the dust down.

Even if you cannot completely seal off the work area, conscientious workers can keep the mess to a minimum.  Request that the workers wear disposable booties in the house to prevent tracking dirt and other items everywhere.  Put down cardboard over your hardwood floors and carpets to prevent damage.  Keep interior doors closed and have fans going to keep the air moving through your home to prevent dust from settling.

After the project is over treat yourself and your home to a thorough cleaning by professionals and make sure they vacuum all the walls and ceiling and furniture and the air ducts to get all the dust out of your home before you settle back in.