Kick off meeting with contractor

Kick off Meeting with Contractor

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All projects run better when they are started the right way.   Your remodel is no different so make sure you schedule a project kick off meeting with your contractor.  The meeting can be a brief as 30 minutes.  Even a short meeting to start your remodeling project is better than no meeting!


Kick off Meeting with Contractor

The kick off meeting with contractor is the time to review the initial schedule, payment schedule and the “rules of operation”.  Take out the contract and review briefly with the contractor – and highlight the items that are important to you. Your “rules of operation” may have included work hours, working weekends, precautions for your pets, smoking, radio and other requests for behaviour at your home during construction.    It is also a good time to reiterate that you will need a release of lien from the contractor, subcontractors and material suppliers and it is best for you and the contractor if he gives you this documentation as you progress in the project versus waiting for the final punch list item.

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