A decision you must make early in planning your kitchen remodeling project is the layout shape you will use for your new kitchen. Most kitchens are designed in one of four basic shapes. These shapes are considered the most efficient by many kitchen designers. You might, however, choose to modify one of the basic shapes to better accommodate the way you plan to use your kitchen. Think about function as you consider kitchen layout shape and kitchen remodeling.

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The Galley Kitchen – Named for the galley on a ship, a galley kitchen is usually long and narrow. All of the main kitchen features are placed on the two opposite long walls. Galley kitchens traditionally have no windows and a single point of entry, which is usually at one end of the room. Length and width may vary, but the main principle of compact efficiency determines the place of everything in the galley kitchen. Some of these galley kitchens include windows and some have more than one point of entry. Some galley kitchens are also wide enough or long enough to include a dining counter or area. Because of its compact size, the galley kitchen is very efficient. With careful planning and creative use of all space, a galley kitchen has a surprising amount of storage space.


The L-Shaped Kitchen L-shaped kitchens have been very popular because they are efficient to build. They also either are open to other rooms in the house or include a dining area. This RemodelOrMove.com: Contractor Selection Workbooklayout usually places the refrigerator, dishwasher and sink on one wall with the range or cook top and oven on an adjacent wall. This layout shape is very popular in home designs that have more than one doorway into the kitchen. Adding an island in an L-shaped kitchen can provide more storage space, a smaller work triangle or two work areas or informal dining space. This layout shape is popular because it is versatile, efficient and practical.

The U-Shaped Kitchen — The U-shaped kitchen is very popular because the shape is very versatile. U-shaped kitchens are easy to adapt to create multiple work areas or to be comfortable for two cooks. The U-shaped kitchen might be the perfect layout shape if you have a relatively large space for your kitchen remodel. An island could easily be added for a sink or appliance, or it could hold under-counter refrigerators and a food preparation sink, as well as a counter for informal dining. U-shaped kitchens are ideal if you need a large amount of cabinet or other storage space. This shape also easily accommodates more than one window.


The G-Shaped Kitchen – Adding an island or a peninsula to a U-shaped kitchen will create a G-shaped kitchen. This shape is well suited to a large open area. An island can create more work areas or provide storage and an informal dining area. The shape can also be created with the addition of the kitchen table. The shape can be helpful for those who entertain in the kitchen because it keeps guests away from the work area. It can easily become an eat-in kitchen.

Understanding kitchen layout shape will make kitchen remodeling much easier. Just choose the shape that best matches your family’s needs and start designing!

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