By Dan Fritschen

There are 3 types of Kitchen Remodel Estimators – Cost, Schedule and Inconvenience.  All joking aside – kitchen remodels are expensive, take a long time and are amazingly inconvenient.

To get a cost for a kitchen remodel there is the quick and easy way and the difficult accurate way.  The quick and easy way is to use the free kitchen remodel cost estimating calculator on this site.  just answer 8 questions about your plans and faster than making instant rice you will a cost estimate.  It is based on where your home is located, what types of materials you plan to use and how much of the work you will do yourself.  This estimate is fast to get but, alas, may not be the actual cost for your remodel.  The only accurate quote you will get is after you have created a detailed specification and had several contractors quote on the project and then figure out of all the different prices which one  WILL be the cost of your remodel.

To get an idea of the schedule is a bit of a trick.  If you really need to get your kitchen remodel done quick and you are willing to compromise on some materials and designs then completing a kitchen remodel in 4 weeks is certainly doable.  Even faster if you want to pay premiums to have workers waiting around until they can do their portion of the work.  A typical schedule is 2 to 3 months – really- because of two primary reasons.  First is the different trades and skills involved.  Plumbing, electrician, tile, cabinet maker.  Each of these tradespeople have other projects and coordinating all of their schedules is near impossible so they come and do the job when they can.  Materials are also tough on kitchen remodel schedules.  From custom tile back-splashes  to faucets, to flooring to the cabinet knobs – unless you select everything from what is in stock at Home Depot there is likely to be some delay or issue with some of the parts.  What you gain in uniqueness and beauty you sometimes give up in schedule.

Finally how to estimate the inconvenience – well it is almost immeasurable.  I was absolutely shocked to find out how many times a day I wanted or needed to go into my kitchen only to find it “missing”.  Then it was off to the garage and sort through the stacks of everything moved out of the kitchen.  To minimize the inconvenience either plan on not being around home much.  Stay with relatives – go camping anything to avoid being home and wanting things to be “normal” or work to set up an “almost” kitchen in another room of the house.  Fridge, microwave, table, etc.

Is all the work worth it?  Absolutely – an improved design, better lighting, new appliances are all wonderful things to have.  So get an estimate for remodeling your kitchen from our calculators and get started.