By Dan Fritschen

Kitchen Remodel Estimator

Photo by Colleen Lane, The Lane Team

There are a number of things to consider when you first decide that remodeling your kitchen may be for you. Kitchens are such a significant part of most families lives in the US that when we cant use our kitchen for a few months (yes months) it can really add a lot of stress to our lives.

So first thing is first.  Should you remodel?  That is the question.  If you already know you are moving ahead with your remodel, I suggest you still use the Should You Remodel Decision Making Tool on this site.  It is easy and quick and free to use and it may raise a few issues that you have not considered. Nothing to lose since it is free!  Also have others in your house hold try it too.  It can help everyone effected by the remodel to better understand what they are in for.  Click here to get started.


Of course – if you really want a nice new kitchen have you considered moving to a home that already has a nicer kitchen?  If  you aren’t in love with your home or yard or location now and moving is even a remote possibility you should spend some time looking at what homes are available that you may be interested in.  Consider both new and previously owned homes.  While you may not even consider moving – visiting other homes will help you in 2 big ways.  First it will allow you to take a look at other kitchens to get design ideas.  This is especially true if there are homes you can see that have the same floorplan as yours.  The second benefit is that you can compare the value of your home as is with other homes and then get a pretty good idea if remodeling your kitchen will increase the value of your home and by how much.

This may not be a deciding factor if you remodel or not, but having a feel for how much your home could appreciate due to the remodel allows you to, from a financial perspective, adjust your budget.  If you find that your remodeled kitchen will increase your homes value by $50,000 and your budget is $30,000 then spending more may be an option since the costs can be considered more of an investment than a cost.