Kitchen sink picture by Fazimoto

by Dan Fritschen

The kitchen sink is an important component in your kitchen. The sink offers both aesthetic value and functionality but is often the last thing you think about when you consider a kitchen remodel.

So why focus on the kitchen sink? Well, with a nice looking and well-placed kitchen sink, you will get to enjoy every inch of your kitchen because a better layout makes the kitchen more functional and adds to the theme you’ve chosen for the room.

A kitchen sink can help in the creation of a kitchen that works. For starters, the most common type of sink used in most homes may be the most attractive. This is the self-rimmed sink also known as flush mount sink. The sink’s installation is rather easy with the rimmed edge of the sink being placed flush with the countertop. A self rimmed sink can also be easily installed on any type of kitchen countertop material. However, you will need to clean the edges of the rim and countertops quite regularly.

If you’re going for a rustic feel in the kitchen then you can opt for a farmhouse style sink. This style is a classic and is a perennially popular choice in the modern homeowner’s kitchen. The sink’s style exudes class and combined with an antique dresser easily transforms the suburban kitchen into a rural farmhouse! The deep basin will allow you to clean your oversized pans and pots much easily.

Farmhouse style sinks have endured the test of time, and you can trust this classic design to keep your kitchen looking eternally stylish long after installation. This is also a much easier sink to clean, but keep in mind if you install a reclaimed enamel sink, it will be much older and the enamel may have cracked – which is a fertile breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

How about a divided sink? A divided sink can offer double or triple bowls depending on what you have picked. This will give you more space in your kitchen for prep and cleanup, with one sink being for food and the other for hand washing and used dishes and utensils. Washing dishes is also easier as you have a spare sink where you can rinse and drains anything you use. You will be able to multitask in your kitchen with some level of ease. But if you have large pots and pans then this is not for you as it might be awkward trying to clean them in such a sink.

This is also a good sink design for anybody with food allergies or religious beliefs such as halal or kosher, where food needs to be prepared and washed separately.

And around your kitchen sink, as well as dish soap and cloths, keep some scented hand soap nearby for after you’ve done the dishes or prepared a meal to keep your hands clean and soft!

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