Kitchen Photo Provided by Rubber Slipper from Italy

by Dan Fritschen

It would be a great thing if we could get all the space that we wanted in our kitchens! Unfortunately most of us do not have as much space as we would like. The kitchen is not just a place where meals are prepared – it is the heart of a home, used for cooking, socializing and dining. The many uses of the kitchen space makes this important room appear smaller than it is. As well as finding out how to remodel a small kitchen, you can make your kitchen look and feel bigger by implementing a few simple space saving strategies, allowing you to enjoy a larger workspace, with better lighting.

To take bold action, removing a wall will instantly open up your kitchen space! The kitchen will feel much larger if you can combine it with an adjoining dining room or family room to create an open plan, spacious kitchen-dining room. If this is not an option then building a kitchen addition and extending outwards to give yourself more space is also a good idea. Keep in mind that the cost of remodeling a kitchen will be greater if you are removing interior and exterior walls, and if you have to carry out extensive plumbing and electrical work this will also add to the cost.

Just like in the architectural world, you should consider going vertical! Tall cabinets, extra shelving, and ceiling racks are ideal for cleverly utilizing the vertical space in your kitchen for storage purposes. Take advantage of the unused wall and ceiling space using these easy to install solutions and you can save huge chucks of space horizontally! Smart kitchen storage ideas will leave you with more counter space, and every inch of space saved counts for something. Don’t worry if you can’t reach the higher shelves – try to store items you use infrequently at the very top such as the Christmas china or the Thanksgiving turkey tray.

Things which are used frequently in the kitchen can be left somewhere in the open while what is used sparingly can be kept hidden away; don’t be afraid to remove some rarely used items and store them in the basement! Cabinets with roll-out shelves are perfect for the kitchen as they instantly add storage space without taking up any extra room.

Well lit kitchens not only make it easier for you to work in but will also open up the space and make it appear lighter and more spacious. Add LED recessed lighting to make your kitchen glow without the harsh glare of fluorescent bulbs, and spotlights are a great way to make sure heavy-use areas such as the stove and sink have all the lighting they need.

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