Photo by Freshome

No matter how careful we are about getting rid of clutter, one room where there never seems to be enough storage space is in the kitchen. Most of us don’t live in massive, spacious homes, and so have to make sacrifices when it comes to storage. But there are a number of ways you can be imaginative and create genius storage solutions in a kitchen of any size!

Firstly, keep in mind that not everything needs to go in a cupboard or cabinet – if you use your negative wall space creatively, you can hang items you use often such as pans, colanders, spoons and whisks. That way you save on cupboard space, make your regularly used items more reachable and utilize the space you do have more effectively rather than letting it go to waste.

Another way to make better use of space is to stack it high! Longer, slender cupboards that reach further towards the ceiling are a great space-saving idea. On the higher shelves it’s a good idea to store items that you don’t use very often so don’t need to reach easily – such as fancy silverware and crockery you only use at Christmas!

And don’t stop at the top of the wall – if you have a high ceiling in your kitchen then hang a rack from the ceiling to have those regularly used items in easy reach while freeing up floor and wall space.

Look at the packaging your food comes in; many items have a lot of bulky packaging that will take up a lot of space in your cupboards. One of the worst offenders for this is breakfast cereals – so transfer the contents to Tupperware containers when you get them home from the grocery store to instantly maximize space in your cupboards.

Most modern homes come with clean lines and plenty of space, whereas older kitchens may have more difficult nooks and corners that you have to build your kitchen around. Look at this as an opportunity; get some custom shelves built in order to use that big alcove where the kitchen range used to be. Having the shelving made to measure means you won’t waste an inch of space.

As well as extending upwards into the ceiling, why not make use of your kickspace just below your cupboards and put in some slender drawers for storing towels, tablecloths, serving dishes and baking trays? Utilizing every available bit of space is key to successful storage.

And finally, take stock of what you really need in the kitchen on a day to day basis? If there are bulky appliances you rarely use taking up too much space, don’t be afraid to banish them to the attic, basement or pantry to free up more space for your everyday items.

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