Kitchen Window photo by Tim Crowe

by Dan Fritschen

For many homeowners, the most important place in the home is the kitchen. I know I give a lot of attention to my kitchen, and I believe that’s rightly so! Not only is the kitchen the heart of the home, it also serves a vital function by keeping you and your whole family fed and nourished day to day.

Many people spend a lot of time and money giving their kitchens a very high-end finish, but they forget to add a personal touch. If you think about it, you spend most of your waking time in your kitchen so it makes sense to express some of your personality in here. Plus, it makes it more interesting when you’re doing dishes to have some pretty things to look at!

Like me, many homeowners probably spend several hours every week standing by the kitchen window. Whether you stand there while preparing the family a delicious meal or simply doing the dishes, adding some cheer around the window can make it a more pleasant experience.

Decorating the kitchen window can be done inexpensively – expensive remodeling work on the kitchen window is not necessary. However if a part of the window is broken then you definitely have to get it fixed first. Broken windows are an eyesore no matter how you decorate them. The same applies for peeling paint or rotting wood: there are only so many coats of paint that can hide these things! Sunlight streaming through the window will highlight all of these imperfections.

The great thing about the kitchen window is that it’s the source of plenty of natural light, meaning it’s a perfect place for some personal touches – both aesthetic and practical. Some small pots of herbs such as basil and coriander will thrive here as long as you water them regularly. This means you have a constant supply of fresh herbs to cook with, as well as some beautiful natural fragrances to fill the kitchen.

Why not include some small stained glass panels to cast colored light into the room? These will also look great from outside. You can cover your kitchen window with almost anything including shaded blinds, curtains or just have it left open with some adornments on the side. Bamboo shades are naturally inviting, and the light will be filtered perfectly allowing just enough warm light into your kitchen.

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