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by Dan Fritschen

Update: Without bags of space to fill with your dream kitchen, or without an endless budget to build a kitchen addition, the chances are that when you remodel your kitchen you will have to work with the space you have. This is no bad thing as kitchen design is very versatile and almost any space can be made into a fully functioning kitchen. With plenty of design shapes to choose from, you’re sure to make the most of whatever space you are choosing to remodel.

In the initial stage of your planning for your kitchen remodeling project, you should be able to arrive at a decision with regards to the layout shape that will be used for the new kitchen. If you notice, a lot of kitchens, if not all, sport the design of one of the four basic shapes. They are considered by designers and experts to be the most efficient of all kitchen designs. In your project, you might want to change one of these basic shapes in your kitchen’s layout to help you make your plan work. You must keep in mind functionality of the kitchen as you think of the possible layout shape you will use for your kitchen remodeling job.

Galley Kitchen

One of the four types of kitchen layout is the galley kitchen. This design and shape usually projects a long and narrow one. Galley kitchen was named after the galley of a ship. Its main kitchen features are found on the kitchen’s two opposite long walls. They traditionally bear no windows and only have one point of entry. This point of entry is usually located at one of the ends of the room. A galley kitchen’s length and width could vary at times, but its primary design principle is compact efficiency. This determines the place of every item to be found in the galley kitchen. Some galley kitchens also have windows, while some could have two or more points of entry. Some are wide or long enough to have a good-looking and efficient dining counter. And due to its compact size, galley kitchens are very much efficient. You could be surprised how much storage space galley kitchens could give you, when you are armed with careful planning and creative ideas in the usage of each space.

L-shaped kitchens

Another type of kitchen layout is the L-shaped kitchens. They are very popular with homeowners and designers because they are easy and efficient to build. L-shaped kitchens could be open to other rooms and spaces in the house and may even have a dining area. Usually, this layout puts appliances like the refrigerator, sink and the dishwasher on just one wall. Your cook top and your oven will then come on the adjacent wall. It is also a very popular design because it could have two or more doorways into the kitchen. You could add an island in this type of kitchen to give you more storage space. Then you could create a smaller work triangle and two other work areas like an informal dining area. Lastly, this layout is very popular with homeowners because it offers versatility, efficiency and practicality.

U-shaped Kitchens

The U-shaped kitchen is another type of kitchen layout is very popular with many homeowners and designers because its shape is very much versatile. Creating multiple work areas is very easy to this layout, making it comfortable for your two cooks. This layout shape might be the best for you if your home’s space will permit a large space to do a kitchen remodel. You could easily add an island to place a sink or an appliance, or you could have under-counter refrigerators as well. With this design, you could also create a food preparation sink and an informal counter for dining. These U-shaped kitchens work best if your project will require a larger cabinet or a new storage space. The layout also accommodates two or more window easily.

G-shaped Kitchens

The last common type of kitchen layout is the G-Shaped Kitchen. This layout adds an island to a U-shaped kitchen. It is best fits to a wide open area in your home. The island, meanwhile, could provide you with more work areas and more storage. Another feature could be one informal dining area. This shape can also sport an additional kitchen table. This can be helpful for homeowners who love entertaining guests in their kitchen because doing it keeps the guests far from the usually untidy work area. The g-shaped kitchen could easily turn into an eat-in kitchen.

Your remodeling project will be a success if you understand kitchen layouts and their shapes. You will have to pick the best shape for your family’s needs and commence the designing project ahead!