Bathrooms are a haven of tranquility – photo by Life Begins At Thirty, Right?

We’ve certainly come a long way from the days when the whole family used to bathe once a week in a tin bath in the kitchen, and when ‘using the washroom’ involved heading out a shed in the yard! Nowadays, bathrooms are not just conveniently situated in the dry warmth of our homes but have become havens where we can relax and unwind.

The market for bathroom accessories and appliances has exploded recently as people seek to make their washrooms a comfortable, beautiful and practical part of their homes.

To remodel or move; that is the question. If you’re a family looking for a new home then you’ll find most properties of three bedrooms or more feature at least two bathrooms. Many people in family homes are also choosing to build additional bathrooms – whether that means converting existing space or building new spaces altogether.

There are several advantages to having multiple bathrooms in a family home, as different generations have differing needs. Kids love bath-time as they get to splash around and play with their toys; of course this does mean that there can’t be anything delicate or breakable in the vicinity, and you’ll need plenty of storage space not just for toys but also for bath mats, booster seats, training potties and other items your children may use.

A messy children’s bathroom also isn’t too inviting for guests, so a small downstairs bathroom with matching towels, scented hand soap and a pleasant smelling bowl of pot pourri is a much nicer place to direct visitors when they need to freshen up.

Anyone living with older relatives or anybody with mobility issues will need to adapt a bathroom on the ground floor to suit their needs. Ramps, wider doorways, space to manoeuvre, grab rails and reinforced toilet seats are all essential additions if this is a consideration for you.

A master bedroom suite is incomplete without a master bath! Parents work hard, take care of kids and run a house, so deserve a relaxing space to indulge and unwind in. ‘His and hers’ sinks are especially popular for couples as you’ll have room to lay out all your personal possessions. A walk-in power shower is great for waking you up in the morning, while a deep bathtub is great for a long soak at night. For the ultimate in relaxation, you can get some water jets that will gently massage you while you completely unwind.

Young professionals are also looking to ‘pimp’ their bathrooms and make them havens of fun, with neon lighting and in-built flat-screen televisions making them a virtual extension of their living space!

Truly, bathrooms have come a long way since the days of tin baths, and depending on your budget and needs, you have the ability to be extremely creative when remodeling your space.