Laundry room photo by Maegan Tintari

Many homeowners and tenants are not happy with the laundry rooms that they use, and it’s one of those rooms in the home that’s not top of the priority list when it comes to remodeling or decorating. However, if you don’t already have a laundry room, consider adding one when you’re planning a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel; laundry rooms free up space in the rest of the home and help keep the messy job of doing laundry out of sight, neatly tucked away.

Some people complain about the limited space that they have to work in while others find their laundry rooms to be quite a dismal, uninspiring space. This is the unfortunate state that many homeowners find themselves in; doing the laundry alone is something that many hate, not to mention doing it in poor conditions!

But you can give your laundry room a fresh new look and much more appeal to create the perfect environment for doing your laundry. Why not create a laundry area decorated with colors that you love? Having an interesting color palette for the laundry room will allow you to walk into a room that is warm welcoming – meaning your laundry room won’t be just another room where you have to do your work.

Just think of the difficulties that you go through on laundry day. Do you find it hard to find a place to fold your clothes? If there is, create some space in the laundry room where you can add a folding table for extra convenience. Keeping the room tidy and everything in its place will not only make it look better but will help you keep things organized!

Shelf space is another problem that you might have to tackle in your laundry room. Try adding some hanging racks as they take up less space and are cheap and easier to install. Hanging racks will give you space to store and organize various detergents and washing lotions so your laundry room remains tidy and clutter-free.

Laundry can be a pretty boring job to do, so why not add some entertainment to help you get through a big pile of ironing? A small TV where you can catch up on your favorite shows, or a stereo where you can listen to your favorite artists means you can actually have some fun while you carry out mundane tasks.

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