This is a classic bathroom. The floor is cover with 12”x14” grey tiles. The bathtub is white in the borders and inside and is cover in the outside with 6”x6” gray tiles. Beside the bathtub is a window with a blind curtain. The walls are painted in a light brown color. The vanity area has two mirrors with wood frames and lamps in top of it. The counter top has a seashell color and the two sinks with the same color and texture are embedded to it. Under the counter are the light brown cabinets. At one side of the vanity area is the light brown closet and at the other side is a niche with and arch for storage. In front of this area are the toilet area and the main door.


. The location of the lights in top of the mirror reflects it into the room.

. The window, bring in sunlight.           

. The use of no more than two colors makes the room looks elegant.

. The use of none decorative items makes a cleaner and simpler look.



. The color of the counter, cabinets and walls should be lighter, brighter or cooler color instead of the brown tones.

. The window should be glass block or frosted instead of blinds, so as for the tub curtain. It will make the room look larger.

. The mirror should have a thinner frame to make the room looks bigger.