Bathroom remodeling material costs will account for about half of the total cost to remodel your bathroom. As you think about the materials you want to use, whether for a spa in the master suite or a half-bath in the basement, a little flexibility and creative shopping can cut your material costs in half. That could mean cutting your total remodeling cost by up to 25%

estimating construction costsCheck your phone book for construction salvage and liquidator stores. You’ll be amazed to discover what is available and how much you can save. Salvage dealers are a great place to find interesting old building materials. Liquidators are a great source of new building materials for about half the price you would pay in home improvement, hardware or specialty stores.

How do liquidators sell for such low prices and still stay in business? It’s simple – they buy what can’t go into the showrooms of the others stores. If a manufacturer is discontinuing a particular model of a cabinet or fixture and has a few left in the warehouse, these will be sold to liquidators for a greatly reduced price. Liquidators can then sell them to you at half of suggested retail price and still earn a profit.

Liquidators buy and sell all kinds of building materials and accessories. Many liquidators also carry decorating materials and items. You might be able to pick up the tile you need for your bathroom floor or find plumbing fixtures in unusual colors that would be perfect for your décor.

Liquidators also carry slightly imperfect items. For example, a tub liner with a small scratch or a pedestal sink with a small chip on the back. Many of these “imperfect” items have damages that will never be seen. You may also find items that were made to order, but refused by the customer.

Before you shop liquidators, it is a good idea to shop specialty and home improvement stores to have a sense of what is available, what you like and don’t like, and what the various items and materials cost. Then when you visit a liquidator, you will know if the prices offered are a good deal. If you can be flexible about styles and colors or finishes, you can really clean up on materials. Shop wisely and you can save a bundle.