Photo by Olgar Fallas

The choice to remodel is exciting, but not easy.  There is an overwhelming amount of chaos that goes along with any remodeling project, but there are ways to make the time go more smoothly for all involved.  Simple steps can make sure the workers are comfortable so that they work better for you, and ensure your family is able to stay in the swing of things with little interruption.  Consider the following for making sure all involved in a remodel make it through unscathed.


The first person that must be prepared is you.  Mentally get ready for what is about to happen.  There will be upheaval regardless of what the project is, but it will be temporary, and more importantly it will be worth it.  When it is over, you will have your dream kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or whatever the project may be, and you can sit back and enjoy it.  Realizing all of the sawdust, noise and extra people is only temporary goes a long way toward getting you through a remodel.


Plan ahead so that your family knows what to expect when it comes to everyday routines.  If the remodel is taking place in the kitchen, meals may have to be done differently for a while.

Cold meals such as cereal, sandwiches and salads may be necessary if cooking is not an option for a bit.  If only one bathroom is going to be in working order for a while, set up a bathroom schedule and go over it beforehand so that everyone knows what to expect.  These small steps will help keep everyone on an even keel during a remodel.

Cost is a very important part of the decision to remodel or not and the scale of the remodel.  To help ease the planning and ensure you are in control of the costs get a cost estimate early in the process – try the remodeling cost calculators at  Bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, finishing attics and basements – and more projects can be quickly estimated using the free and instant remodeling cost calculators.


Workers that are doing a great job will continue to do so regardless if they are good at what they do.  Professionals do their job and do it well no matter what, but few will turn down a glass of ice tea or lemonade on a hot day.  A plate of cookies in the afternoon one day will surely be appreciated, and a kind word occasionally never hurts.   Realize they may have to use your restroom and provide accordingly.  Do not leave fancy soaps or towels out that you may not want used, as that will only make things awkward.

Remodels are never easy, but they are worth it.  Keeping these tips in mind will ensure your remodel goes as smoothly as possible.