Master bedroom closet photo by Anne-Marii

by Dan Fritschen

Can you remember a simpler time, when the closet in your master bedroom used to be a door that you could open to pick out a piece of clothing and close after you’re done? The closet then used to be simply a storage area for keeping your clothes. But today you can do virtually anything with your master bedroom closet, and with the added emphasis on luxury for the modern homeowner, many more people are demanding larger, walk-in closets.

If you own a big closet you can do almost anything you wish with it. The closet can even be big enough to act as a dressing room; it can hold pieces of furniture while providing additional storage space in your bedroom. The assumption that the closet is only meant to serve one purpose only should not feature anywhere in your mind! A multifunctional closet in the master bedroom is what you need, and one that fits your lifestyle.

For example, anyone that has a large shoe collection will need somewhere to store them properly; a pile next to your front door or a bundle at the bottom of the closet won’t suffice, especially if you’ve spent a lot of money on your shoes and like to take care of them! A simple shoe racks that runs the length of the closet is a good idea – and that why your entire collection is displayed so you can add some variety to your every day style. A tie rack is another good addition, allowing you to see all of your ties and to keep them stored in good condition. You can even get a motorized one so you can get a tie fashion-show first thing in the morning!

A few practical considerations will have to be borne in mind to facilitate proper decision making. Look at the amount of stuff that you want to store in the closet: will a stand-alone piece of furniture be okay? Do you need a larger, fitted closet? Or do you want to go all the way and create a walk-in and dressing room? The physical space available to you in the room is also a consideration, unless you’re planning a new bedroom addition or bedroom remodel.

A multi-functional closet can of course even be fitted in a small space, and there are many great space-saving solutions you can utilize that can accommodate a lack of space. Make sure to include the necessities in your wardrobe first before you can look at the more luxurious functions.

If you don’t have the space or budget for a walk-in closet, then why not invest in creating a bespoke piece of furniture for your master bedroom? This can feel equally as luxurious and it’s a great feeling to know that you have a one-off piece that’s truly your own. You can add a few personal decorative touches to make it your own creation. The same goes for a fitted closet; add some framed artwork and add some decorative mirrors to liven it up. In your walk-in closet, some small vases of flowers and framed photos will really personalize the space for you.

The master bedroom suite should be where dreams come true: so give yourself the room, and the closet, you always deserved!

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