By Dan Fritschen


Materials are a significant portion of the cost of many remodels. Lumber, flooring, tile, windows, and cabinets are just some of the costs that can add up quickly, especially when remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. If you are willing to spend some time shopping for the best prices, then you can save a considerable amount of money on these materials.


Where is the easiest place for the average homeowner to save when remodeling?

Starting at the beginning of a remodel or addition project, there is generally not a cost savings from buying your own concrete for the foundation or lumber for the framing. Once you consider delivery charges, scrap allowances, leftover materials, and other hidden expenses, the costs add up.

After the foundation and framing, can you save on insulation, rough electrical, or drywall? Again, probably not since these materials are all standard and widely used, and the savings are not generally available to most homeowners.

Windows and doors are definitely an area where you can potentially save a lot of money, since windows and doors are often found at discounted prices. If you are flexible on the design, have a place to store them until they are installed, and can buy them when they are least expensive, then you can save a considerable amount of money.

Plumbing and electrical fixtures for bathroom and kitchen remodels can often be quite expensive and you can save a considerable amount of money shopping for the best prices. To get the lowest prices try to be flexible on the specific type of fixture you will use and buy them when they are sale, even if that’s six months or a year before you need them.

The cabinets, countertop, and finish flooring are other materials that can be quite expensive. You can find big savings on these by looking for discontinued models, remnants from other peoples remodeling projects, and used materials.