Materials take up a big portion of the budget for many bathroom remodel projects. The most common expenses include fixtures like showers, sinks, toilets, and cabinets, ans well

hall bathroom white with tub and small vaniety and window in shower

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as flooring and windows. One must be willing to search for the best buys to save a significant amount of money on material like these.

In a renovation or remodel, it is typical to try to save costs by buying your own concrete or lumber. However, hidden costs, like deliver charges, start adding up and the cost savings  quickly get eaten up.  Aside from the foundation and framing, the cost savings for  insulation, rough electrical materials, and drywall are minimal as well.

However, doors and windows are great places to save a bundle.  They are often custom manufactured to meet a customers specifications.  If that customer mis-orders, doesn’t take delivery, or otherwise doesn’t need or want the doors or windows ordered, you can often buy them – in new condition – for 50% of the retail price.  The only requirement is that you are flexible with your design.  So, to take advantage of this savings, buy the windows and doors BEFORE finalizing the design.  Create your design based on the windows and doors that you can get.  You will likely save hundreds, and potentially many thousands of dollars, on windows and doors alone.

Lighting and water fixtures are often the most expensive items in a remodel. You can find these at big discounts by looking for sales on closeouts, discontinued and used items. To get the best deals, start shopping for these items months before you need them and stay flexible on your requirements.

Another group of materials that are considered quite costly includes the finish flooring, cabinets and countertops. These materials do not necessarily have to be bought brand new or made from fresh material.  You can find these items at deep discounts if you look for used from homeowners, or discontinued from contractors and retailers. and are great places to look for these items.

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