There are numerous cost categories you should understand when remodeling your home. This list will point out the most important costs of remodeling.  A good way to save money when you remodel is to understand each cost category. Our brief explanation will help you decide whether you want to do some of the work yourself or hire an outside contractor or architect to do the work for you.
· Project management is a job that requires the person to be on the project site at all times while crews are working. The project manager must coordinate workers coming in and out, make sure the work is done properly and be able to answer any questions that may arise. You should make the decision whether you are going to hire a general contractor, manage the project yourself or hire several different sub-contractors to perform the different tasks needed on the project.
· Remodel payback plays a key role in the remodeling design. If you are unsure of what you want in design or additions, you should consult a contractor to see what is popular in the more modern homes in your area. Your home will, someday, be sold. The design will not only be for your current pleasure, but something that will make a good selling feature for potential buyers. In turn, the new feature will help you recoup your costs upon resale of your home.
· Permits are sometimes needed depending on they type of work being performed. You should check with your city or county planning office and describe the project you have planned to see if you need permits, and inquire about the process of applying for any permits you may need.

· Foundation work may be needed if you have chosen a design that extends outside your present floor plan.
· Framing may be necessary if you are moving or adding walls, ceiling, or floors. If you are making an addition to the existing floor plan, framing will be a large part of the projects cost.
· Electrical work is necessary when adding light fixtures or circuitry to existing electrical work.
· Plumbing will be needed if your plans are for a remodel of the kitchen or bathroom.
· Adding or moving duct work is necessary in some remodeling jobs. An addition will need duct work for heating and cooling.
· Interior and exterior finishing of walls may be required on some projects. This may include drywall, sheet rock, paneling or vinyl siding or new brick.
· Finish work and fixtures can be costly depending on your choice of materials. Kitchen cabinets can range from the modest less expensive style to custom built cabinets with all the options. The cost variation will depend on your taste and what you are willing to spend. Remember to take into consideration what the resale value may be on these items as well.