The number and extent of pre-existing problems a contractor might find when remodeling your home depends on the age of the home, how well it has been maintained and how gently the house has been lived in.

It is not uncommon to find problems. But if you think your contractor is doing something dishonest, and a conversation about this with the contractor does not resolve the issue, you might want to get a second opinion. You can either call your local building codes and inspections office and ask them to verify the need for the extra work or you can bring in an independent inspector to either verify the need for the extra work or confirm that it was not necessary.

If it is true that your contractor is artificially inflating the cost of your remodel, you can fire the contractor, report the incident to the Better Business Bureau and other consumer protection agencies, and talk with an attorney about the merits of filing a lawsuit.

Before taking drastic action, you might be well advised to get another opinion from another inspector.