I made a list of the steps and time frames for my kitchen remodel. 

Set budget, get design help, decide on styles and colors.  With this done – using an interior designer, kitchen designer, or architect or doing it yourself you can proceed with the following.  I am doing the design myself. Also note this is a iterative process.

Pick cabinet, countertop, light locations, windows, colors, appliances, sinks and faucets. Only the cabinet and windows need to be final decisions at this point.  The others can still be changed.

Got the permit.  A permit is only required because of the change of the window, the skylights and moving the cabinets.  If i was only refacing the cabinets, installing new flooring and countertop no permit would be required -at least in my city.

Order cabinets and windows.  For my project the kraftmaid cabinets will take about 5 weeks for delivery (as of July 2010) and the window about 2 weeks.  I will use 4 standard sized skylights – I am wondering if that is too many?!?

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Cut the exterior for the new window.  Need to do this from the outside because i dont want to leave the inside of the house exposed for 1 week as we get the rough framing inspection, wait for the window to be delivered, etc.

Move the electrical wiring – if any – that is in the way of the new window.  The new window will be 10″ lower / longer so the header and sides do not need to change.  just the framing below the window.

Clean out the attic insulation to expose all the electrical and framing members.  Will try and save the cellulose insulation and augment it with fiberglass to reach the top of the cieling joists.

Cut a hole in the garage – attic sheet rock.  This seems like the easiest / cleanest way to access the attic with lumber and supplies and get trash and materials out.  Will try a sawsall and dremel for some of this delicate demoltion work.

remove electrical in the attic – it will be DARK in the kitchen for a while.  Maybe get some lamps?  This is necessary to allow ease of installing all the new framing for the skylights.

Build new attic/skylight and window framing  Remove existing window and cut skylight holes last.  Cover holes temporarily.  Get rough framing inspection.

Install skylights and windows – get another inspection

Run rough electrical in attic.

Cabinets arrive

Demo parts of kitchen. Cut drywall to access electrical and plumbing. 

Rough electrical in kitchen

Rough plumbing in crawl space.

Inspection – rough elecrical and rough plumbing and roofing?

install insulation – inspection

Drywall install tape and texture


Install cabinets

measure and install countertops

finish plumbing and electrical.

move back into kitchen

floor installed

touch up paint

final inspection


It seems so easy!  July 7th the clock is starting – hope to finish in 8 weeks..need to order cabinets right away…Budget?!  $4,000 for Kraftmaid cabinets, $5,000 for countertop, $4000 for hardwood flooring and $2,500 for misc stuff.  So a total of $15,500.