Dream bathroom addition – Photo by Solarnovo

by Dan Fritschen

New bathroom additions add value to your home and provide more space for a growing family. If you have only one bathroom in your home, an addition can add both value and convenience to your home. More spacious bathrooms have also become common in newly built homes.


You first need to find out where the new bathroom would be located. You can convert areas within your existing space if you don’t wish to increase the overall space of your home. The basement or a corner of a big room is an best place for a new bathroom. However, while determining the location of your addition, you must consider the need for water and plumbing. Try placing your new bathroom where it is accessible to your plumbing system. If you don’t have adequate space but would like a shower for your bathroom, opt for the stall shower. Pay attention to fixture size and placement while working with limited space for your addition.
If you have some money to spend on the décor, you can custom design the space and have a spa-like luxury bath. If you are on a budget, you can choose to place your new bathroom where you have a water line in place, which is accessible to your present plumbing system.

Plan Your Space Wisely

Plan what you can include in your bathroom addition and fit in your space.

You may require additional space if you plan to add a large tub, including sauna, steam shower, sinks, hot tub, dual showers or whirlpool tubs with jets.

Choose Stylish Countertops

You may choose a wide variety of countertop options for your bathroom, such as plastic laminate, porcelain tile, ceramic, granite, wood and composite stone.

Apply Soothing Colors

Don’t go for bright, distracting colors; rather, choose calm, soothing colors, such as green and blue, which offer a comforting feel and calm vibes in your new bathroom.

Being Creative With Your Sink

Unlike smaller spaces, where pedestal sinks look perfect, larger bathrooms have a greater number of options, such as vessel sinks, which are available in different shapes and sizes. They appear stylish and sleek, giving your new bathroom a very modern look. These freestanding sinks are available in glass, stone, marble, china and bronze, and stainless steel, to name a few.
Surely the aforementioned tips can help you create a beautifully created bathroom addition for your growing teens and guests!