Jack-and-Jill Bathroom Remodel

by Janet Akers


When you are remodeling your home and want more bathroom facilities, consider a Jack-and-Jill bathroom.  A Jack-and-Jill bathroom is one that has two entry doors.  Often the bathroom is between two bedrooms and […]

2nd Floor Addition

2nd floor additions are a great way to add living space to a home, preserve the yard and potentially increase its value.

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Cost to Add a Second Story

The cost to add a second story is $150 to $500 a square foot and varies based on the 4 home addition cost drivers.  Second story additions have the addition cost of the staircase – […]

Second Story Addition Cost

Second story addition cost calculators are a great tool

for creating an initial estimate of the cost for a home remodel that includes a 2nd story addition.

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What is the average price per square foot to remodel a house?

What is the average price per square foot to remodel a house?

$50 a square foot is the average cost to remodel a house.   This is for average labor costs, an average amount of DIY, […]

Your Building Inspector

An important part of many remodeling and home addition projects is the inspection by the city or local government. Frequently these inspections are for each phase of the project from the foundation to the rough […]

Bathroom Reno Cost

The bathroom reno cost varies greatly by the four renovation cost drivers:

1. the location of the home to be renovated  

2. who will do the reno work  

3. the materials you choose to use in […]

Kitchen Reno Cost Calculator

Renovating a kitchen is a big project that is one of the most popular remodeling projects and it is the most expensive too!  A kitchen reno often takes from 2 to 4 months to complete […]

Spec Sheet to Hire an Architect

Step # 24 in the Kitchen Remodel Planner

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Are you going to hire an architect?  Do you need or want the services of an architect.  Generally […]

Punch List for Remodeling

A punch list for a remodeling project is a list of items that your contractor (or you!) need to address to complete the project – or phase of the remodeling project.  While punch lists have […]