Family Playroom - photo by Andrew Watson

Family homes by their nature have to fit lots of people and lots of different needs into them. A common sticking point in most families is the fact that children and teenagers leave all their possessions lying around the house – everything from toys and books to video game consoles get left lying around the house and can make the place look untidy. Not to mention the arts and crafts stuff – paintbrushes, pens, pencils, colouring books, paper, glue and much more! One easy way to contain all this chaos within one space is to create a family room addition.

A playroom is somewhere that kids of any age can do just that – read books, watch movies, play games, paint pictures and put their feet up on the furniture without disrupting the rest of the house!

Where to locate the playroom?

If you’re planning a large home remodelling project then it’s a great idea to include a playroom in your design plans from the outset. But most of the time you will be looking to convert an existing area in your home to a suitable playroom.

A common way to do this is to use a guest bedroom or sacrifice one of the children’s rooms – however, children are famously protective of their bedrooms so may not be sold on this idea even if it does mean they gain a playroom! One of the best ways to create a playroom is to convert the basement, attic or garage.

These remodelling projects don’t need to be vastly expensive and will create a separate, flexible area that will increase the space in your home without going to all the trouble of an extensive addition.

What goes in the playroom?

This is entirely up to you and depends on the needs of your family. Young children will love a cosy reading area and space for plenty of cuddly toys. An arts and crafts area is a good idea, and this just needs to consist of some easily cleaned surfaces and maybe a tiled section of flooring if you think things will get very messy!

Older teenagers would enjoy a couch with a television so they can play videogames or invite friends round to watch movies. And most importantly, you should make sure your furnishings are hard-wearing and easily cleaned as kids can be quite messy! A white sofa and beige carpet will definitely not last long. Try a durable leather sofa and a hardwood floor with an inexpensive rug for the best results.