punch list

Punch list for Remodeling

A punch list for a remodeling project is a list of items that your contractor (or you!) need to address to complete the project – or phase of the remodeling project.  While punch lists have the most notoriety for being used at the end of a project they really should be a tool that is used at all phases of a project to ensure that issues are identified and addressed.  The best way to ensure that issues are addressed is to write them down and then your contractor or workers are given this list and the request to “fix it” .

Types of Punch Lists

Your punch list can be the “old fashioned” type – hand written notes on a paper.  Best idea is to put this paper and the notes of what needs to be fixed in a file folder or clip board and hang it on a conspicuous wall at the construction site.  If your project has a permit and design drawings including your punch list in this stack of paper is a good idea.  The inspector will likely also give your contractor or you a punch list as well of fixes required to pass the next inspection.


FREE Remodeling Punch List

You can also go “high tech” and keep an online punch list.  A big advantage of an online punch list is that you can easily include pictures.  Google Drive is a good tool to use for your online punch list.  You can start with a spreadsheet and record every item in your remodel that needs to be addressed.  Include with each item a photo if that helps communicate what needs to be done.  Share this google drive document with your contractor and others involved in your project.  A big advantage of an online punch list is that it can be shared by multiple people people.  It can also be accessed from anywhere with internet access and, a big advantage, is that i likely won’t be lost or have coffee spilled on it that is all to common for punch lists left at construction sites.