granite countertop

Photo by Fazimoto

by Dan Fritschen

Most homeowners want the best quality materials when they remodel their homes, and when you’re carrying out a kitchen remodel this usually mean opting for granite countertops. In fact, many people simply won’t consider doing a remodel or will consider the project a complete failure if they don’t get granite countertops! But the fact is there are alternatives to granite; quartz is an excellent material that is becoming ever more popular with modern homeowners.

What Is It?

Quartz countertops are a manmade combination, consisting for the most part (around 90%) of natural ground quartz and the rest of various pigments, resins and polymers. This gives it a smooth, sleek look and makes it much more durable than granite.

Why Use It?

Quartz is much more sleek and smooth than the usual flecked granite countertops you find. It’s also non-porous, meaning it is much easier to clean and won’t stain! Unlike many other countertop materials, you don’t need to seal and reseal it, making it extremely low maintenance. It’s also one of the toughest materials you can find, which makes it ideal for a countertop.

On an aesthetic level, because quartz is a manufactured material you’ll get a consistent color and grain throughout your entire slab – unlike the variations you’ll get with granite. And if your countertops curve round the room, you can still get a quartz countertop cut from a single piece as opposed to granite which will have several pieces, creating a seam on your countertop.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know it’s also a very Green material to use; quartz is an abundant mineral so it can be sourced from within the USA, giving it a low carbon footprint.

Quartz is available at around the same price as granite; but with the extra conveniences of using quartz, it may be more cost-effective and less effort to choose this material for a long-lasting and beautiful looking countertop.

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