Photo by Beth Kanter

Update: It’s a common situation to find yourself in: soon enough you’ll need to move to a more family friendly neighborhood or you’ll be downsizing to a smaller home, and if your home needs some extensive renovations or an addition building – but you’re planning to move eventually – it may be best to just bite the bullet and put the house up for sale straight away. In the current housing market, many people are being more cautious about committing to extensive remodeling projects as they are unsure of how much value they will add to a property in real terms – choosing instead to either do nothing for the time being or decide to sell up.

If there is a wrong time to remodel, it would be right before you move. Don’t go through the expense and the inconvenience of remodeling and then put the house up for sale the next month or the next year. Moving right after a remodel can be costly unless you managed your remodel project very carefully to minimize the cost and maximize the market appeal of the work that was done. Also, moving takes away one of the biggest benefits of remodeling: enjoying the results. If there is a reasonable chance of your moving in the next twenty-four months, it may be better to move now to get the house you want rather than to remodel.

An alternative is not to do anything and wait until you are assured of your housing status. That way, when you undertake a remodel project you will be confident of enjoying it for years to come. If you are like most homeowners, you found that several of the reasons to move discussed here apply to you. You may even have additional reasons that were not included in this chapter. To make the best remodel-or-move decision, make a list of all your reasons to move. Next to each of your reasons, add a comment on how strongly you feel about it. To complete the Remodel-or-Move Calculator at you will need to have your reasons to move and to remodel.