Photo by Rupert Ganzer

Update: Many of us want to live in a nice quiet suburb or out in the peaceful countryside where you can truly relax and be away from it all! But for those of us who have to commute into cities every day, the stress of simply getting to and from work each morning and evening can take its toll. Instead of wasting two hours each day commuting, many people choose to move closer to work.

A common reason to move is the change of a job. Be it out of state or to another community, most people will commute only so far. If you want to have a shorter commute, then moving may be the only answer.

The big decision to be made in this case is do you want to keep your present home and just rent in your new location? Renting out your current home and moving to a new home closer to your work can make a lot of sense unless you are confident that your move to the new area will last more than just a few years. The costs of selling your home (10 to 15 percent of its value) and buying a new home (another percentage of the new home’s value) can add up to a lot of money. If you end up staying for only a year or two and then moving back, renting in the new location is a better option.