Photo by Rod Detty

Update: Even if you love the home you’re in and your local area, sometimes there are physical obstacles to making it perfect that just cannot be overcome! When you live in a house for some time, there are elements that start to bug you: perhaps the living room doesn’t get enough sunlight or the kitchen is too small and there’s no room to remodel. Maybe your home would be perfect with some extensive remodeling – but you simply can’t afford to do it. In that case, it’s probably time to move to a home with a better layout that suits exactly what you’re looking for.

You may not be able to remodel the house you live in. It may be too costly to make it what you want. If you want a kitchen in front and a family room facing south, but your home has the kitchen in back and a family room facing north, a remodel may be too expensive to be practical.

The added cost of rearranging rooms is difficult to recover when you sell because those who are looking to buy your home may not have your need for specific room layouts. You are essentially adding significant expense for very personal aesthetic reasons. Some homes, because of lot size, building codes, or physical barriers, may not lend themselves to remodeling the way you want.

Building codes can limit the type and size of additions as well as their appearance. This is especially true when homes have views; for example, you may not be permitted to add a second story or any addition if it blocks your neighbor’s view. Also, some private communities do not allow any exterior modifications, or if they do, all your neighbors must approve them.

If for some reason your house can’t be remodeled, then moving will be your only option. When you look for your next home, remember to inquire about these restrictions and make sure that you like the floor plan. That way when it is time to consider a remodel, you will be free to consider all of your options.