Photo by Carol Mitchell

Update: For those of you that find the prospect of remodeling a stressful experience, it may come as a shock to realise that plenty of people love to roll up their sleeves and do a little home improvement! It’s a great way to learn new skills and have a hobby that directly impacts your surroundings. If at heart you’re a frustrated artist then getting stuck in to redecorating or remodeling is a great way to satisfy your artistic cravings. It’s also a great feeling at the end of a project to look back and look at something you physically had a hand in creating, an opportunity that comes along less and less in modern life. Instead of moving house altogether, give yourself a rewarding experience and embark on a home remodeling project.

Remodeling, in a word, is fun — a lot of fun. Remodeling can be very rewarding and enjoyable, especially a year after the work is done. It may not be a lot of fun while it is in progress, but in total it can be a very satisfying experience.What makes all the pain, suffering, and expense fun? You have opportunities for self-expression and you have control. If you are an artist, an architect, or a novelist, you can point to something and say, “I conceived and built this.” The rest of us can get the same rewarding experience through remodeling our homes. You have total control over the project. You decide on whom to hire, when to start, what to do, what color it should be, if the cost to remodel the kitchen is worth it and how it should be finished. The artist in you can run wild.

Take for example Justin and Ashley, who took on the challenge of an older home that needed updating and were able to profit from and enjoy the process of the remodel. Justin and Ashley took on a remodel project to update a home that was mostly the original 1957 design. While they liked the basic floor plan, they wanted a new kitchen, a larger master bath, and an additional bedroom. Over three years, they drafted the designs, took part in some of the work, and now have an updated house with a great floor plan.

While improving their house was their primary objective, the artistic and mechanical challenges were also major reasons they embarked on the project. They hired out most of the work to be done but still did a portion themselves to reduce the cost and, more importantly, because they enjoyed learning new skills. They enjoyed remodeling their current home so much that they will likely be moving in two years to a home in a better school district. They are looking for a “tear down,” a home that is in the right location but is in poor shape or very small. This will enable them to demolish the house and build a new home in its place.