Photo by Gerald Brazell

Update: With all the nightmares that you hear about or may even have experienced with neighbors, you can count yourself very lucky if you live next to friendly, caring neighbors. Nothing fosters a better sense of community than an area of people who are all looking out for each other. A great neighborhood that has everything you could ever want is also pretty rare to come by – good schools and nearby parks and shops in an attractive location are the stuff dreams are made of! So if you need to make changes to your home and are thinking about moving, take a moment and consider whether you truly want to leave your neighborhood. Keep in mind that the next area you move to may not suit your needs so well. If that’s the case, stay put and get stuck in to some home remodeling!

Not all neighborhoods are created equal. Some have large mature trees, sidewalks, large front yards, and stately homes with well-kept yards. Other neighborhoods have few trees, cars parked in the front yards, and a highway behind the back fence. If you like the neighborhood you are in, then that is a powerful reason to stay.

Many times your neighbors and neighborhood are hard to duplicate in a new house. The local park, the trees that spread across the street, the Fourth of July block party — all of these impact your quality of life significantly, and you can keep them if you remodel.