Photo by Diana Parkhouse

Update: We’ve all had times where we’ve experienced buyer’s remorse – usually after a shopping spree where you’ve bought one too many designer items! That’s a situation that’s easily solved; either you pay off the credit card bill and vow to wear your clothes a lot to get your money’s worth, or you simply return them to the store and get your money back. But when you buy a house, the process isn’t so easy. The huge sums of money involved and the fact that you will be uprooting your life means you need to be completely sure that this is the right house for you before you decide to buy it. After all, you can’t just get a quick refund on a whole house!

Usually, a decision on which house to buy is made quickly, within hours or days. When the decision to buy a house is made, you have to make many compromises, including the location, size, yard, floor plan, and price. No home will meet all of your requirements perfectly.

There are also many unknowns when you decide to buy a home. You may not know the neighbors, and the neighborhood may be unfamiliar. All of these changes in your life when you move are based on a decision made very quickly. That can lead to buyer’s remorse — regretting the decision you made. Remodeling a home is a lengthy process that requires months to start. Almost everyone who remodels his or her home is happy with the results. They may not have enjoyed the process or may not have been satisfied with the contractor, but the result is most often what they wanted. This is because someone who is remodeling a home is only changing the house. They are not changing the neighborhood, the yard, or the schools. Buyer’s remorse is more common with a home purchase than a remodel because the decision is made much faster and more aspects of your life are changing.