Photo by Casper Moller

Update: Cultivating a perfect garden can take years of work that takes up a lot of time and money. So if your yard is a labor of love, why would you want to leave it? Finding a brand new home that comes ready-made with a beautiful garden is a rarity, and even if you find such a property the nice yard is likely to bump up the price quite substantially! If you’ve spent years lovingly tending to your garden, it would be heartbreaking to just hand it over to a new owner who might not even appreciate it. Mature trees and brilliantly blooming plants and shrubs are the reward you deserve to enjoy year after year.

Many older homes are blessed with mature trees, a large lot, and years of landscaping efforts by you and the previous owners. If you are fortunate enough to live in a home with a yard that you love, then it may be difficult to find a home with a yard that you like as much.

As you look at homes that you may be interested in buying, don’t underestimate the cost and time required to take a yard that is no more than dirt and weeds and turn it into your dream garden. Large shade trees can take ten to twenty years to grow from seedlings. Large mature shrubs can take three to ten years to grow. If a yard is important to you and some of the houses that you could possibly move to don’t offer anything close to what you have in your current home, a remodel may be the best solution.