Photo by Adrienne Dufficy

Update: One of the biggest problems we have with new homes is that the layout is far from ideal for our needs. Maybe the dining room is located too far from the kitchen, or perhaps the house is made up of many small rooms instead of the large open plan area you’d like. If you have a home with a free-flowing, evenly spaced out floor plan, then it’s best to hang on to it! Relocating bathrooms and having to knock down kitchen walls in a new home can be stressful and expensive. If you love your floorplan in your current home, look at ways to build an addition that won’t affect your current layout rather than moving house altogether.

The floor plan, how the rooms are positioned in a home, has a big impact on how you can use the rooms and how you feel about the home. If your current home has a floor plan that you like — a large kitchen with morning sun, an out-of-the- way spot where you can read a book without being interrupted, appropriate-size bedrooms (small ones for the children or a den and a big one for you), a perfect spot for a Christmas tree or a grand piano; it may be hard to replace these features when you move to a new house.