Early in your planning for a remodeling project you will want to get a reliable preliminary estimate for the total cost of your project. It is important to keep in mind as you get these preliminary estimates that remodel estimates for master suite additions can be more complicated than you expect. The reason for this is that there are so many possible variables.

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First, if you are planning a master suite addition, you need to be very clear about the number of rooms you are adding and how they will be used. Do you want to just add a master bedroom? Do you want to add a master bedroom and bathroom? Will you also add closets, dressing room or sitting room? Will you include a fireplace?

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Second, you will need to think about how you will support the addition. Will you build a full foundation? Will you build slab on grade? Will you build a post and beam foundation?

Third, you need to decide what materials you will use for the exterior walls – brick or stone, vinyl siding, wood siding, engineered-wood siding? The roof is the next consideration because it needs to join the existing roof and match the existing roofing materials.

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Fourth, get a preliminary estimate either by calculating the cost of your addition on the basis of a cost-per-square-foot figure for your locality or by calling a local contractor or your local government. A reliable estimate is available in just seconds at www.remodelestimates.com.

Consider that you might need to get an estimate for each room or each major part of your project. For example, you might need to get an estimate for a bedroom addition and get an estimate for a bathroom addition. Then you’ll need to combine these amounts.

Fifth, add a reasonable estimate for the cost of special features of the planned addition, such as a fireplace, a spa bathroom, an extra sink in a dressing room, etc.

Finally, add the cost for access from the existing home into the master suite addition and any other necessary changes to the existing structure. At the very least, you will need to plan for and build a doorway.

With this information, you will have in hand an estimate for the cost of your master suite addition that is reasonably reliable. This preliminary estimate can be used to plan and design your new master suite and to set a reasonable budget for the project. When you request an estimate, you will be asked whether you are planning an economy, average, or custom addition. This, your location, and the current value of your home, will produce a reliable cost estimate.

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Of the several ways to get remodel estimates for master suite additions, we recommend using the calculators at www.remodelestimates.com because, unlike other remodeling cost calculators, www.remodelestimates.com includes in the estimate calculations based on the amount of work or management you will personally invest in the project. You can also try various options and compare the final prices. For example, you might compare the cost of having a general contractor manage the project with the cost if you manage the project.

Setting your budget and deciding what you can do in your master suite addition is a matter of getting estimates for each of the rooms that will be part of the suite and adding costs for other special features you might want to include.

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