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Here are some of the most popular reasons for deciding to remodel rather than move:

1. You like to remodel. It can be fun, rewarding and exciting. The anticipation of seeing the finished project can sometimes be the best part of remodeling.

2. You will get the home of your dreams. You can design a project in the manner you want, in the color scheme you want, with the materials you want. Your dreams are your blueprint.

3. You like the location of your home. Do you like the area where your home is located and the homes around it? If it is a quiet area with nice homes and schools, it may be better to remodel than move.

4. It can prove to be a great investment. Investing in your home now can increase the value of the home itself. Therefore, if you ever decide to sell, it will increase the asking price of the home. Costs should be considered and managed well when remodeling so you do not lose money in the event of selling.

5. You like the landscape. It is hard to find the perfect landscaping in a home. If yours is just the way you want it, why move and have to live with bad landscaping?

6. You will avoid buyer’s remorse. Sometimes when we purchase a home, we no sooner sign the paperwork than we regret our purchase. This will be avoided by remodeling your present home.

7. You like your home’s floor plan. A floor plan is an important thing to consider when remodeling or moving. Finding the floor plan that is right for you may be hard.

8. You like your neighborhood and neighbors. Finding a neighborhood that you are happy with is difficult. That your children are happy with their friends, the neighbors help in troubled times, and there are block watches may be important to you. Another fine reason to remodel.

If you are still undecided about whether it would be better to remodel or move, you can do a cost comparison of both options.  Click here to use our free “Remodel or Move” calculator.  We also have cost calculators to help you get an idea of the cost of remodeling every room in your house.   Click here to check them out.

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