Remodeling Cost Calculators are an important tool for busy general contractors and a big help for homeowners.  The calculators that contractors and homeowners use are used for different purposes and therefore should be different calculators.

For contractors – cost calculators – speed up the process of quoting projects and help with the accuracy of the quotes.  Accuracy is very important for the contractors so they can get a consistent profit from all their jobs – not make a bundle on some and lose on others.  Without the calculators it is too easy for a contractor to make a mistake in an estimate or let their emotions impact their quotes.    Preparing detailed quotes is a very time consuming process for contractors – especially when you consider that most of the quotes they provide are for projects they wont get so preparing quotes efficiently is very important so time is not wasted.

For homeowners cost calculators serve a different purpose.  For homeowners remodeling cost calculators are primarily used to get a rough estimate of the cost cost to remodel so basic design and budgeting decisions can be made.   To get a rough estimate for a remodel using a calculator designed for homeowners, a homeowner needs no knowledge of remodeling or construction to get an estimate.  This is important because the calculators used by contractors do require a lot of expertise in the remodeling industry to both complete the calculator and interpret the results.

The two calculators fundamentally work different as well.   The calculators for contractors use very specific and detailed estimates for labor and materials based on large amounts of data and time studies.  This is critical because a contractors business success relies on these calculators to give accurate estimates.

The homeowners version of a remodel cost calculator has a different goal – not to provide a very detailed accurate quote based on very detailed inputted information – but to provide a rough estimate with a minimal amount of inputted information.  The information available to a typical homeowner is not very comprehensive or detailed so the remodeling calculators need to make a lot of assumptions to provide an estimate.  For homeowners these assumptions are acceptable because they enable to the calculators to give an instant estimate that allowing the homeowner to get a rough idea of the cost so they can move to the next step in the process which typically is researching design ideas that they can use to design their remodel or be given to a design professional who will do the design.