Making smart decisions about who will manage the project can be another way to save money on the total cost of your home remodel or house addition. You can have the general contractor manage the project, you can hire a consultant to do the work of a general contractor, or your can handle that function. Managing a home remodel or a house addition requires

    (1) ensuring that the required materials are on site at the right time,
    (2) developing a schedule that puts the various phases of the work in the right order and allowing sufficient time for the work to be completed,
    (3) developing contingency plans if something happens that will disturb the planned progress of the work,
    (4) finding, scheduling, and working with subcontractors,
    (5) arranging needed permits and inspections as the various phases of the project are completed,
    (6) checking the work and managing work flow,
    (7) solving problems,
    (8) paying bills,
    (9) arranging for disposal of trash, old materials, and scraps,
    (10) ensuring that the work is progressing at the planned pace and quality stipulated in contracts.


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