Another way to save a great deal of money on the costs of your remodeling project is to make a smart decision as to who will be the project manager.  You can choose a general contractor or a consultant do the managing aspect of the project. You can also handle the project yourself. In order to manage a home improvement project, you need to think of the following:
(1) make out a schedule that orders the phases of the job and allows for enough time to finish the project.
(2) Make sure you have the correct materials at the correct time.
(3) Have a contingency plan so that if something happens, it won’t wreck the progress of the construction.
(4) Get the needed inspections or permits as the different phases of the project are finished.
(5) Find and schedule subcontractors to work with.
(6) Solve any problems.
(7) Keep a check on work flow and what work is being done.
(8) Arrange to have trash, scraps and old material removed from the site.
(9) Pay your bills.
(10) Make sure the work is progressing as planned and that the quality is up to par.